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"I wish I would have ran across this tool years ago. It has saved me so much time. Thanks!"
- Bob B.

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Qwik Mag II™ - Magnetic Stud Finder

Magnetic Stud Finder

Qwik Mag II™ is a new Patent protected magnetic stud finder that will out perform any other type of magnetic stud finder on the market. At 27 pounds of pull, Rare Earth or Super Magnets, are the strongest type of magnets. Round or spherically shaped versions of these magnets are the best performing due to their higher magnetic field. In addition, the round magnet has less flux leakage and allows the magnet to retain its magnetism for a longer period of time.

Unlike other steel stud finders, Qwik Mag II™ can detect metal through 1/2" or 5/8" sheetrock or other thicker building material. It will find studs through ceramic tile, 3/4" plywood paneling, and can find 40 or more steel studs on a wall with 5/8" drywall in less than a minute. Qwik Mag II™ does not use batteries and will last forever.

Commercial carpenters, electricians and plumbers, as well as "do-it-yourselfers", use Qwik Mag II™ to locate studs to install trim, cabinets and hand rails or what ever you need to fasten to a stud, works great on wood framing also Qwik Mag II™ will locate a screw or nail in the wall. The convenient finger loop allows the user to move it around on the wall to locate a stud or screw, and the strength of the magnet will stay where the metal stud or screw is found thus eliminating the guesswork, and unwanted holes in the wall.

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